Puppy Info

We're not just the average dog breeder... we've been around for decades, and our dogs are amongst the best in the World.
Knowledge is power and we've got a library full of dog breeding and canine genetics books, breed studies and all sorts of relevant articles.
We haven't learnt so much just for our own dogs! We are extremely involved in the breed we love, and we want every new owner to get started the best way possible.
We pay extra attention to Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) and are proud to be the first in Europe having all our dogs genetically tested for CEA.
Read Breeding Carriers for further info.
All our breeding dogs are Japanese imports or are out of Japanese import parents, they have many great show results + they are health tested:
Hip Dysplasia (HD), Patella Luxation (PL), Eye examination for CEA, PRA, Cataract with excellent results.

Please understand that if you are interested in getting a puppy from our Kennel the first step is to fill our puppy questionnaire.
We simply want to make sure the families where our dogs land are right fits. There are not specific requirements, it has a lot to do with a feeling and the lifestyle.
Our first guideline is that quality is more important than quantity, hence we do not always have puppies.
Our offspring can be found in 19 countries all across the globe.They are perfect family pets and some of them are successful show dogs.

For each sale, whether for a puppy or an adult dog, we will provide you with a contract of sale, just to protect both parts.
The same goes for any stud service or mating with any external bloodline.
We like to keep business points clear, so we can all focus on our dogs, our breeding, and our passion instead of worrying about paperwork.
Occasionally extra quality puppies and/or show trained young adults are available for show/breeding purposes.
Show quality puppies are available to qualified show homes and responsible breeders only.
Puppies purchased as pets are not allowed to be bred. An agreement must be signed stating that you will not be using our offspring for breeding.
If it doesn't meet your expectations please feel free to contact another breeder. Thank you for understanding.
Our puppy selling agreement can be seen here.

Please note that puppies will be chosen in reservation order!
Puppy price includes:
- deworming in several times
- combined vaccinations + Rabies shot
- tick & flea & heartworm treatment
- boarding for extra keeping time, because shipping rule: a pup can
travel if get a Rabies shot at 3 months of age + waiting 21 days before shipping.


Early spring: Ukko x Maggie (expected white pups, waiting list is open)

You have to pay a deposit of 500 EURO to get a place on my waiting list.
Of course the deposit will be included in puppy price. For more information please fill my Puppy Questionnaire to contact me.