Our experience

We keep each dog in a separate dog run (approx. 40 sqm/dog) but they are let out together to a big playground twice a day.

If we're away from home (or at night) they are closed into their kennels. This is fine for them, they're calm, just lying quietly and waiting for the morning when they are let out.

We don't let them bark, I start with teaching puppies not to bark. Our dogs are usually quiet, except when someone comes to us, then they bark until he walks from the gate to the house.

Hokkaidos are also known as "talking" dogs, in our case it means that in the morning, when they see us they "greet" us, but then they're quit all day.

Hokkaidos are very sensitive, if they do something bad it is enough to shout on them only once and they stop it immediately.

They need a lot of love and they call for it, one of our males (Maru) gently holds our hands and doesn't let us go. In turn they reciprocate love, they're always close to the owner, they love physical contact and they often sit on the owner's foot.

They are very easy to teach because they'd do anything to meet the owner's expectations.

It is individually dependent whether they bite or not, for example one of our bitches (Seta) hates when strangers touch her, she growls and if you do not pay attention enough she may even bite. On the other hand, one of our bitches (Momo) is very friendly, she loves everybody.

They let their owners do anything to them, they tolerate nail cutting, bathing and drying very well.

The first leash training: Hokkaido puppies walk nicely on leash from the very first time.

Overall, the Hokkaido is a great family dog, whom living together with is a pleasure!