Health Info

ALL our breeding dogs are full health tested: Hip Dysplasia (HD), Patella Luxation (PL), Eye examination (genetic tests) for CEA, PRA, Cataract with excellent results.

Hokkaido breed is highly susceptible to CEA because of the known CEA-associated mutation much like the Collie-related breeds.

More information about CEA

USA OptiGen - Abstract study on Collie Eye Anomaly in Hokkaido dogs

Are you saying it is OK to breed from Carrier dogs? Definitely yes, under controlled conditions. Following discussion with the experts in genetics, it was recognised that controlled breeding from CEA Carrier dogs could be of benefit to the genetic strength of the breed while ultimately permitting eradication of the atypical CEA gene. Most all animal geneticists will point out that it is very bad for a breed’s health to "ban" a single gene characteristic as this can easily lead to unforeseen consequences.
Source: International Sheep Dog Society

HD and PL (Hip Dysplasia and Patella luxation): at present there is little data regarding genetic health issues within the breed. Japanese breeders have no any health test. All European and USA breeders make health tests and we know not HD or patella problem here. We would like to keep this excellent tendency, that's why very important to make all health tests before breeding.